Online learning for K-12 students

Online lessons and DIY activities for students of all ages. Get to know the natural world, do some do-it-yourself projects and experiments at home, and have fun learning!

Welcome to our online learning page for K-12 students, teachers and families! Below you will find various lessons, projects, and activities about how we use our natural resources. We have separated these lessons and activities into categories. However, everything we use and everything we do impacts our environment, thus a lesson could potentially fall under numerous categories. Lessons can last up to a few hours, or you can shorten them by skimming through, only watching a video, or just doing a learning project. You don’t have to follow lessons in any order — follow your curiosity and dive right in!

Each lesson includes a little history, an in-depth look at a specific environmental issue, and a hands-on project you can do at home to deepen your understanding (or just have fun). Most have fun videos to watch, and ways you can take action in your community!

Climate Change and Energy.

Where is “Away”? Learn about what happens when you throw something away and how not to!

Upstream impacts of our stuff

Water: What is it, how to conserve it, and how to keep it from being contaminated

DIY Projects and Activities

Resources for Anti-Racist Action


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