What We Do

We mobilize people to protect the water, land, and climate we all depend on.

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What we do

RE Sources employs a uniquely broad, multifaceted approach to protecting the people, animals, and wild places around the Salish Sea region.

We engage an educated, committed community to:

  • Recover endangered populations of fish, whales, and wildlife, and maintain shellfish beds clean enough for regular harvest,
  • Restore and protect our rivers, lakes, beaches, and the Salish Sea so there is enough clean water for all who need it,
  • Engage and empower young people to make smart choices and take action on topics that matter,
  • Accelerate a transition to renewable energy, moderate consumerism and wastefulness, and build up resilient communities who can work together and care for one another despite differences,
  • Reduce carbon emissions, encourage carbon drawdown efforts, and work toward a climate that sustains abundant life.
How we do it

We understand what it takes to shift society’s norms, leaders’ priorities, and imbalances of power. That’s why we give people practical ways to make a real difference, regardless of experience levels. We make it our job to understand the complex public processes and policies that govern how our communities operate, and we distill it into actionable information.

Making this knowledge accessible is key to putting power where it belongs — in the hands of the people. Together, people create movements and can achieve insurmountable goals. Our focus is to harness that people power. Our deep roots and broad connections in our region allow us to inspire and mobilize history-making numbers of people to protect the beauty and bounty of Northwest Washington.

RE Sources creates lasting impact through:

  • Creating collaborations and strengthening coalitions,
  • Informing and mobilizing our communities,
  • Employing science and expertise,
  • Engaging elected officials (learn more about what RE Sources can and can’t engage in as a nonprofit organization),
  • Utilizing our environmental laws and regulations to protect our natural resources, ecosystems, and communities’ health and safety.
Our key priorities
  • Monitor and protect the central Salish Sea and the rivers and streams that feed into it. Improve and protect the natural functions of marine, nearshore, freshwater and riparian ecosystems.
  • Reduce pollution and toxics. Reduce the amount of pollution entering the land, air and water of northwestern Washington. Encourage sustainable food production and a clean, plentiful water supply. Safeguard the health of human-managed ecosystems that support locally-grown food, locally-harvested seafood, and clean, plentiful drinking water.
  • Combat climate change and ocean acidification by exposing connections to its causes and consequences in our service area and create the public insistence necessary to make substantive changes here and at the state, national and global levels.
  • Educate all ages to understand the problems and solutions necessary to protect our environment and create a sustainable community. With a focus on individual behavior and collective action, we give children and adults the information and tools to make positive changes for our community and their lives.
  • Make it easy for people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Through a combination of adaptive reuse, education and demonstration, RE Sources promotes sustainable choices,  frugality, resourcefulness and mindful consumption. We create practical and economically sustainable solutions to waste issues in our service area in order to reduce the creation and disposal of waste.
  • Lead and encourage civic engagement on our core issues throughout our service area. RE Sources activates people-power by providing tools, training, education and direction to our supporters while building a sense of community in shared purpose. We campaign to create the public insistence necessary to influence both public and private decision-makers and leaders so they create and execute policy to meet our community vision.
  • Stand ready to take action on issues that threaten our community or that advance its sustainability. RE Sources stands ready to respond to unforeseen threats to our community, or opportunities to advance its sustainability, through action, advocacy and education.