This dangerous WA ballot measure would gut funding for climate, wildfire prevention and more. How can you help?

If I-2117 passes this November, it'll strip billions in investment from community priorities in every county from Tribal energy projects to wildfire prevention.
June 7, 2024

Pledge to vote NO on I-2117

If ever there was a time to talk with your friends and family about what’s on their ballots in November, this is it. I-2117 is one of several voter initiatives put forth by multimillionaire Brian Heywood aimed at undoing climate progress and make Washington into a tax haven for the ultra-wealthy. I-2117 will not only repeal the landmark 2021 Climate Commitment Act — it also includes a preemptive ban on ANY future carbon pollution pricing policies, an incredibly dangerous precedent that other states could follow if it passes.

We’re supporting a broad coalition to stop Washington from moving backwards. One tangible win Northwest Washington residents may remember that was made possible by the Climate Commitment Act: the protection of 2,000 acres of mature forests, with 650 acres in the Lake Whatcom watershed, that we secured last year.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of harmful impacts of I-2117. It will…

  • Strip billions in investment from community priorities in every county — like air quality, transportation and transit service, fish habitat, and preventing wildfires.
  • Shift the burden of paying for the impacts of pollution from large polluters themselves onto local communities and families.
  • Cut programs that lower costs for Washingtonian, like funding for the program that helps low- and moderate-income households save money on their energy bills by delivering more efficient home heating appliances.
  • Eliminate a key pool of funding for natural climate solutions such as forest conservation.

All hands on deck: Fact sheets on Initiative 2117’s impacts you can share with your communities!

The Climate Commitment Act benefits all Washingtonians. Learn more about why repealing it is harmful for…

Sharing information about the risks and growing awareness of I-2117’s threats are key ways you can help. You can also pledge to vote NO on I-2117 here, and we’ll keep you updated on efforts to protect our climate, air, water, and local jobs.

Over 100 organizations have endorsed the No on I-2117 campaign, including environmental organizations, Tribal nations, small and large businesses, labor unions, and community groups.

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