Resources for anti-racist action

June 3, 2020

By Sasha Savoian, Education Specialist

Thank you for landing on this resource page, for showing up, for being vulnerable, for wanting to learn how to be antiracist, and for being ready to take action.

Taking action can look many ways.

It’s education for you and those around you. It’s listening and taking a step back. It’s taking a stand in solidarity. It’s supporting and uplifting the voices of Black, Indigenous, Transgender, Non-binary, Disabled, Immigrant community members you share space with. It’s donating funds to organizations and individuals with boots on the ground doing the work.

The mistreatment, the shunning, the shoving, the incarcerating, the quieting, the sidelining, and the murder of human beings that don’t fit the dominant paradigm must stop.

Yes, this page is in response to a murder in broad daylight, the murder of George Floyd by (ex)police officer Derek Chauvin, while three other officers neglected to stop the murder and save his life. Let’s be clear, this violence has existed for decades upon decades for Black and brown people. It’s systemic. And must stop. Now.

This list of resources is NOT comprehensive — it’s simply a start. And it’s imperfect because I check the white box on the census page, because there isn’t room for story. The skin I inhabit doesn’t cause undue struggle in my life. I am privileged. Many white people are asking what they can do, how they can help right now and this list only begins to scratch the surface. Let’s continue to do the work, to show up, to support and uplift voices that aren’t your own.

Resource guides

These are comprehensive guides compiled by amazing people and offer recommendations on ways to educate yourself, your children, and friends and family. Also included are organizations on the front lines that you can donate funds to.


Here is a collection of articles of various lengths to dive into.

Women and Indigenous led local organizations

Learn about and support the work these and other local organizations are doing in our community.

Tools from Obama Foundation

Enough said, these are tools for engagement and action from the Obama Foundation.


Here is a short list of organizations fueling movements and working for justice.

Teaching Resources

Families and educators might find these resources useful to help teach young people.

People to follow
Children’s books

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