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We've been building community since 1982 — from curbside recycling to advancing a green waterfront; from helping homeowners go solar to job training programs.

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25 Displaced workers trained and placed in local jobs. Learn more about our free job training program

2,000+ Pounds of trash removed at 11 beach cleanups. Learn more about community beach cleanups

500 Signatures supporting improved shoreline protection in 2019. Get the latest

Since 1982, RE Sources has worked to promote thriving communities in our region — from championing waterfront redevelopment in Bellingham that is both worker- and environment-friendly, to advancing recycling education and practices in local schools, to backing local refinery workers’ call for greater safety laws. We partner with cities, Tribes, school districts, nonprofits, workers, and local businesses towards building equitable, safe, and prosperous communities in our region.

Perhaps no part of RE Sources embodies our goal of promoting thriving communities like the fabulous RE Store! As an anchor business in Northwest Washington for more than two decades, The RE Store defies wastefulness, empowers displaced workers, and teaches us all new ways to reuse. The RE Store meets global challenges at the community level every day.

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