We've been working hard to build a healthier community for 35+ years. Be part of this world change with us.

  • Clean trash and win a treat this Halloween

    Win prizes if you help clean up the most trash for Make A Difference Day and Halloween! From October 21st to November 1st, don your favorite costume and pick up litter (costumes not required, but you have less fun without them).

  • black lives matter

    RE Sources and The RE Store stand against racism, white supremacy, police violence and the ingrained structures and institutions that enable and perpetuate them.

  • Policy Vision 2020

    RE Sources’ top priorities in 2020-21 for renewable energy, healthier streams, and clean drinking water that our local communities can help make reality.

  • A voice for science

    For 20+ years, RE Sources' North Sound Baykeeper has been a crucial voice for science, ensuring that the public’s interest has a seat at the table — not just industry and government.

  • Support Teens in Local Action

    Join us for a fundraiser for Youth for the Environment and People (YEP!) November 16 at 5:30pm PST

We mobilize people to protect the water, land, and climate we all depend on.

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