• Join our Future Forest Campaign

    Northwest Washington’s iconic forests inspire wonder in all who behold them. Each towering tree tells a story spanning generations and invites contemplation of the forest legacy we leave to future generations.

  • From Tree to Sea: This place needs champions like you

    Watch how one Northwesterner turns her love for the Salish Sea into action, and find how you can do the same.

  • black lives matter

    RE Sources and The RE Store stand against racism, white supremacy, police violence and the ingrained structures and institutions that enable and perpetuate them.

  • A voice for science

    For 20+ years, RE Sources' local Waterkeeper has been a crucial voice for science, ensuring that the public’s interest has a seat at the table — not just industry and government. Call or text the pollution hotline: (360) 220-0556

  • Take our 100% Northwest Pledge

    By 2030, we will transition our region fully off of harmful fossil fuels and embrace renewables, clean technology, and the courageous effort of this community to get us there. We're in, 100%.

We mobilize people to protect the water, land, and climate we all depend on.

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