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Educating for the Environment

Turning learning into action.

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36 Online lessons and hands-on activities developed to support learning Browse our online lessons.

615 5th graders who took action with us to reduce water pollution in 2022 See more student impacts.

86 Teachers trained on teaching climate science in 2022, benefiting thousands of students See upcoming PD.

RE Sources’ education programs work to ensure that today’s youth, and their teachers, are educated — and motivated to take action — on the environmental and climate issues we are facing today and in the future. By offering students the opportunity to have an impact on their world, we are helping to alleviate the anxiety and depression that is so prevalent in today’s youth. We support teachers with opportunities to learn and collaborate to ensure students engage with real-world concerns and authentic solutions.

Science, advocacy and action may bring about sound policies, but education is the key to lasting transformation toward healthy communities and ecosystems. We are committed to ensuring education offerings are developed for all — and inclusive of all — students and educators.

What do we offer?

Greening Schools

RE Sources provides Whatcom County students, teachers, school custodians, and food service staff the tools and technical know-how to help their school be more sustainable. We do this by reducing waste stream contamination, increasing food recovery efforts, decreasing waste headed to the landfill through recycling and composting, using energy more efficiently, minimizing water pollution on school grounds and using water more efficiently in schools. Learn more.

Youth Action

For young people across the globe, climate change and environmental degradation aren’t just academic issues, they are crises that impact nearly every facet of life. That’s why RE Sources has developed programs and events for youth activism. Youth for the Environment and People (YEP!) is a one-of-a-kind youth empowerment program for high school students that elevates student voices and gives youth key skills to make change in the world. The Youth Climate Summit offers a unique opportunity for youth to come together and harness their collective power and hone their advocacy skills. 

ClimeTime and other professional development

As a Washington state clock hour provider, RE Sources offers professional development opportunities to Whatcom County educators. We want teachers and students alike to see firsthand that together our actions make a difference. View upcoming educator workshops, including our ClimeTime offerings.

RE Sources is part of a statewide network of support for climate science learning called ClimeTime, which exists to provide the tools and resources to help teachers and their students understand climate science issues affecting Washington communities.

Online Resources

Get to know the natural world and experiment with some do-it-yourself projects at home or in the classroom. Browse our online lessons and projects.

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