Waste Rangers

Completed on August 2, 2016

Waste Rangers is a fun, educational project teaching students and extracurricular groups about waste reduction and community service.

Groups receive FREE sessions from professional educators and support for a service project, like:

  • Building worm bins,
  • Hosting a litter pick up or park beautification party,
  • Making recycling signs for businesses,
  • Helping support a community garden project,
  • Unveiling a toward zero waste toolkit for your school,
    and more!

About Service Learning
Service learning encourages youth education and development through active participation in services that support their community and fosters civic responsibility. Service learning through the Waste Rangers program will:

  • Educate our next generation of leaders on the importance of waste management in a fun, engaging way.
  • Give youth hands-on opportunities to use their education to provide service to their community, instilling the value of community service.
  • Spread knowledge and awareness of the best waste management practices throughout Whatcom County.

Register Today
Give your student, youth, and extracurricular groups a fun, educational project that teaches them about waste reduction and community service projects. Email schools@re-sources.org or call (360) 733-8307 ext. 106 to get started.


Waste Rangers is made possible by funding from the Whatcom County Solid Waste Division. Waste Rangers is a program of Sustainable Schools at RE Sources.

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