Activist Tools

Tips and tools to help you communicate effectively with decision-makers, fight pollution and learn about the most pressing issues in Northwest Washington.

When people act together, they can make a difference. We’ve collected different tools for action to help you make informed and meaningful impacts in topics you care about.

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Make sure you’re up-to-date on important ways you can make a real difference by visiting our Take Action page, where you’ll find a checklist of actions you can take to protect the place you love. Remain informed and be a part of decisions that will affect you and the people and places you care about.

Take Action

How to make an effective public comment

Whether it’s getting in front of a microphone at a public meeting or simply sending an email to a local elected official, your voice is what moves the needle on issues that are important to you. Check out our short list of tips on how to make your words as impactful as it can be with the time you have.

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Write a great Letter to the Editor

Writing a personal, passionate letter to a local publication is a powerful (and easy) way to have your voice heard by a large audience. Here’s how to get started.

Writing tips

Online learning for K-12 students

We offer online learning for students of all ages. Kids and their parents can get to know the natural world, experiment with some do-it-yourself projects at home, and have fun learning online!

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Stop pollution with your smartphone

Potential sources of pollution aren’t always obvious. Is something on the ground near water that seems like it shouldn’t be? Is something other than water making its way down a storm drain? Even if you aren’t sure, you can post a photo of anything that seems like it shouldn’t be going into our waterways! Learn more about how the Water Reporter app works and download our guide for spotting pollution — anytime, anywhere. Download the Water Reporter app on Android or iOS. Download our guide to spotting pollution and get started today! Join the North Sound Baykeeper “group” once you’ve downloaded the app and created an account.

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If you think you see pollution — even if you’re not certain — report it! Call or text the Pollution Prevention Hotline: (360) 220-0556. 

Join our Legislative Action Team

Once per week during the state Legislative Session each year (mid-January through March or April), we’ll alert you of opportunities to use your voice and help pass key environmental measures, including when (and what points to make) to write your legislators. We make it easier for you to make a difference, no matter whether it’s your first or thousandth time contacting lawmakers.

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Keep usable building materials out of the landfill

Sustainability can extend to the materials you have in your home. Whether it’s a floor lamp or kitchen flooring, donate your unwanted items to The RE Store for credit.

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More tools on the way!