#GivingTuesday: The “next normal” is what you make it!

It may feel like we're living in the "new normal". But "normal" has always been evolving. Let's build a healthy, sustainable NEXT normal. | November 24, 2020

Give by Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1st)

Giving Tuesday—a global day to give back to your community—is coming up next week on December 1st. In a year like no other, we’ve leaned on each other (from a distance) to navigate what many call “the new normal.”

But with 2020 not shaking out the way any of us planned, seeing this moment as “normal” can feel like a downright bummer. Maybe even endless. But it doesn’t need to.

We’d like to shake up this narrative and instead think of this moment as the next normal. In fact, we see the last year as a series of “next normals” where we grew and adapted with you and this entire region. Between moving dozens of classroom lessons and activities online, preparing volunteers to monitor and report pollution through instructional videos and coaching people on how best to provide virtual testimony at critical public policy-making hearings, we ultimately arrived here, actively creating “next normals” that have added up to something substantial.

So where do we go from here? We see a tremendous opportunity to build the next normal together––a future that is climate resilient, electric-powered, resourceful, equitable, and most importantly, led by you, the community. The next normal is what YOU make it.

To help create the next normal, will you consider supporting RE Sources on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, and help us reach our $5,000 goal? Every dollar donated will be matched, which means your support goes twice as far (anytime between today and Giving Tuesday). When you give to RE Sources, you give where you live, supporting on-the-ground, community-driven environmental protection and climate action.

The next normal starts with you.

Donate by Tuesday, December 1st

Thank you,

The RE Sources team