Washington Goes Solar!

There’s never been a better time to install a solar array on your home and business building.

We finished a successful year of Washington Goes Solar! workshops, getting 40 homes onto solar power and earning 40 donated panels from Ecotech to install on the RE Store's roof! Read more on our Clean Energy blog.

Washington Goes Solar! is a now-completed program that helps homeowners and businesses get hassle-free solar installation. This program is a service of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, a Bellingham-based nonprofit advocating for the health of northwest Washington communities since 1982.

Washington Goes Solar! is created to offer you the best value and the easiest access to the information you need to make a decision to go solar. The incentives are excellent, the math makes sense, the timing is right. Not only will you start saving money, add value to your property, and help the environment, your new system will also earn RE Sources a donated array! 


The math is simple:

Get your questions answered.

  • Will solar work for me? 
  • What subsidies am I entitled to receive if I sign up for solar? 
  • What is the time period in which my investment pays itself off? 
  • How might the new administration impact solar incentives? 
  • How can I get zero down, low-interest financing with no equity?

Support a community nonprofit.

Going solar saves you money, adds value to your property, helps the environment, supports local businesses, AND helps our community's favorite center for re-use projects and recycled building materials switch to a renewable energy source.

For every person that goes solar, Ecotech Solar and Itek Energy will match an equal donation to RE Sources & The RE Store. Go solar and RE Sources & The RE Store will go solar with you!

Community partners:

Washington Goes Solar! participants will receive solar panels that are produced and installed by local businesses. Many thanks to these local businesses giving back to our community!

Itek Energy: itekenergy.com  | Ecotech Solar: ecotechsolar.com

For more information, email