Cherry Point Forum

The Cherry Point Forum is an annual forum hosted by the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Citizen Stewardship Committee to educate community members about environmental issues that affect the Aquatic Reserve. 

Located in Whatcom County, the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve is one of eight Aquatic Reserves in Washington State. Established by DNR on state-owned aquatic lands in Puget Sound, Aquatic Reserves include important biodiversity and aquatic habitat critical to Puget Sound health. Read more.

Cherry Point Forum 2019: Climate challenges in the Salish Sea

The Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Citizen Stewardship Committee hosted its annual Cherry Point Forum on Saturday, November 9th at Bellingham Technical College, Building G room 102J. Topics and speakers included:
  • Communicating clearly and effectively about Climate Change causes and effects
  • In order for our community, nation, and world to work on solutions to reverse climate change, we need to be clear about the causes. It’s easy to confuse the many environmental issues facing us, and staying on track will keep our efforts focused and effective. Talk by Susan Wood, Education Coordinator at Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
  • Forage Fish and Their Role in the Southern Salish Sea
  • An introduction to the ecology of forage fish (globally), as well as the main species found in Puget Sound. It will also cover the trophic food web ecology of forage fish as we currently understand it, some current research by the WDFW and collaborators, and future challenges such as climate change. Talk by Todd Sandell, WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Puget Sound Kelp in a Changing Climate: Trends, Stressors and Recovery Efforts 
  • As ocean temperatures rise, concern over global kelp losses are mounting with scientists and resource managers scrambling to understand new causes for forest losses and working to develop conservation and restoration strategies to protect these critical nearshore habitats. In Puget Sound, concern over kelp losses has resulted in multiple collaborative efforts to understand reasons for losses and develop conservation and restoration strategies. This talk will provide an introduction to Puget Sound biology and ecology, discuss priority stressors impacting Puget Sound kelp forests, and summarize current conservation and recovery efforts. Talk by Max Calloway, Puget Sound Restoration Fund. 
  • Invasive Green Crab on the rise in Northwest Washington
  • Talk by Sean McDonald, University of Washington Program on the Environment
Presentations from the forum will be available soon! For more info, contact Eleanor Hines at or 360-733-8307 ext. 213. 

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