Keep our community safe by discouraging unrefined fossil fuel export projects.

For decades, our community has risen to the challenge of battling a powerful, wealthy fossil fuel industry to protect our home from exploitation. As our County's only deepwater port, Cherry Point is a major target for plans to export coal overseas, despite fierce community opposition and objections by Lummi Nation and local fishing businesses.

Under heavy lobbying pressure from Big Oil, the federal ban on crude oil export was lifted at the end of 2015, despite objections from the environmental community and unions representing refinery workers. Cherry Point is positioned to become a transshipment hub for crude oil and natural gas. With the crude export ban no longer in place, the oil that comes here could easily be loaded onto ocean tankers bound for Asia.

Whatcom County should protect the health, safety and economy of our community by discouraging the shipping of unrefined fossil fuels from any future terminal or pier at Cherry Point.

2016 Comprehensive Plan 

On August 9, 2016, the Whatcom County Council adopted an updated Comprehensive PlanDespite large community support to introduce policies that keep our community safe from Dirty Coal and Big Oil, the council voted to send the proposed amendments discouraging unrefined fossil fuel export projects back to the planning commission for further review.