Making Effective Public Comments

Speaking up for what you care about can change minds……

…especially when our electeds hear from their neighbors and those most impacted. It’s one of the best ways you can have your voice heard by decision-makers. Here are some tips to make public comments a little easier for you.

Whether you’re speaking at a public hearing, local government meeting, or sending an email – the same guidelines apply in making effective public comments. Speaking to decision makers directly is generally more impactful, unless you’re attempting to share a lot of information with cited references.

A great comment has four elements

  • INTRO: Each public comment is required to start with your first and last name and what city or town you reside in. It is also helpful to decision-makers if you can give a one sentence overview or “ask” for the governing body right at the start.
  • WHY: How will this decision impact you personally, and how will it impact the greater good?
  • MORE DETAIL: Include outside references or your own expertise/view as a member of the public.
  • CLOSING: Reiterate your position. Thank them for their attention.

Additional Pointers

  • BE CONCISE: You have only a short time (three minutes for Whatcom County Council) to get your point(s) across. Writing out your comment and timing yourself before the meeting will help ensure that you hit all of the points you need to hit within your allotted time. Try to stick to no more than three topics/points in your comment.
  • SPEAK SLOWLY: By speaking slowly, you will be heard and understood by all. The governing body values your testimony and they know you’re taking time out of your day to speak. Additionally, the staff member recording testimony needs to understand what you’re saying in order to record it for the public record.
  • BE POLITE: If you’re frustrated with something the Council has or has not acted upon, then it’s better to rephrase your comment as “I hope you consider doing (xyz) because (abc).” Alienating the decision-makers does not work in your favor.
  • TELL YOUR STORY: It is important to state that you’re a resident of Whatcom County (or wherever you’re commenting), especially if you live in a particular community that will be impacted by a policy or action, or a lack of one.
  • CONNECT YOURSELF TO THE DECISION: Decision-makers want to know what the impacts of their actions will be on people or what they value. Be sure to mention if a policy or action will directly impact to you and your family, or if you have expertise in a certain industry or profession.

If you plan on presenting your comment at a public hearing, email your comment before hand or bring enough copies for each member of the governing body. In your comment, refer to your email or copy so they can follow along.