Don’t Read Our New 2023 Impact Report

...Unless you want to be inspired. Our 12-page Impact Report recounts milestone environmental victories from 2022 as well as on-the-ground advances in regional science, education, advocacy and action. | May 12, 2023

Just kidding, you should totally read it. Every year at RE Sources we like to take a moment to report back on the impact that you and your fellow community members have when you take action with RE Sources. We try our best to communicate breakthroughs and watershed moments throughout the year, but sometimes it takes stepping back to see the bigger picture. Small actions like individual emails to decision makers can build momentum, shift public opinion, and result in lasting changes that better protect our region and better serve its people. Our 2023 Impact Report illustrates some of those major milestones. 

Odds are if you’re reading this, you’re one of the local advocates for healthy, thriving, resilient communities here in Northwest Washington who has moved our work forward in the past year.

Whether you’re a first-time action-taker, an occasional volunteer, a RE Store thrifter, a major funder, a diehard community scientist, an educator, a youth activist or a regular at our climate activist meetings, thank you. We’re grateful for your time, and we need your continued help in making our vision of hope and resilience a reality. From tree to sea, this place needs champions like you.

Cover of 2023 Impact Report, photo of a forest stream with the words Don't Read This...unless you want to be inspired overlayed

You can explore our interactive digital report, which features maps, videos and links to extra content stories, or you can scan a PDF of our beautifully designed, 12-page report. Enjoy!

View our Interactive 2023 Impact Report

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