RE Sources Racing in Ski to Sea!

Racing from Baker to Bellingham Bay to protect our watershed
May 13, 2022

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What is Ski to Sea?

Ski to Sea is a Whatcom County local, multi-sport relay race that goes from the mountains all the way to the ocean. Growing from 177 people and 50 teams in 1973 to 2,820 competitors and 358 teams in 2018 (the most recent race, thanks to the pandemic), this race highlights the region in a way few other events can.

Why is RE Sources Racing?

Mount Baker. The Nooksack River. The Salish Sea. These iconic places make Northwest Washington an amazing place to live, work and play. Unfortunately, these places are all in peril. From climate change to stormwater pollution to widespread environmental degradation and habitat loss, we’re stressing the ecosystems we all rely on. We see it in receding glaciers and dwindling snowpack, toxic algal blooms that close beaches and shellfish beds, dismal salmon runs and struggling southern resident orcas. To raise awareness and support around the need for bold action to save these places, a team of RE Sources staff and friends is racing in the Ski to Sea relay race. The Ski to Sea race is a time-honored Northwest Washington tradition that traces the entire route of the Nooksack River watershed, from the snows of Mount Baker to the windy surf of the Salish Sea.

How Can You Support Us?

2010 Ski to Sea parade float

We have a goal to raise $4,000 by race day on May 29th, with each of our eight team members engaging in a (friendly) competition with one another to see who can raise more to protect our watershed. Read more about our racers and make a donation by clicking the button below!

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