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June is Orca Month. Learn about the spectacular lives of Southern Resident orcas and win prizes with our Orca Month Bingo card! | June 7, 2021

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Ahead of the 15th annual Orca Month recognized each June, some cause for hope graced our news feeds. The endangered Southern Resident orca population, hovering right around 75 members, saw two new healthy calves born. It’s a promising sign for the orca families, but also a stark reminder that the existence of these animals — who have strong familial connections and complex communication that most humans could envy — rests on a knife’s edge.

To protect our region’s most iconic marine mammal, we encourage all of you to take this month to learn and take action on behalf of remaining Southern Resident orcas. We’ve put together 24 awesome opportunities to do just that. The more activities you finish and resources you check out, the more chances you have at winning prizes!

Get the Orca Month Bingo Card

Orca Month bingo card with 5 columns and rows

How to enter (by July 5th, 2021)
  • Each square completed is one entry.
  • Earn 10 entries instead of 5 for each BINGO line completed (double points!).
  • Send a photo of your completed Bingo card to DestinyD@re– by July 5th. Or post to your social media and tag RE Sources on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 
Prizes you can earn
  • Waterproof “I Protect Water” sticker if you complete one full BINGO line.
  • Each entry is a chance to win a personal local kayak tour with North Sound Baykeeper Eleanor Hines! No paddling experience required.

Learn more about Orca Month.

Learn more about or efforts to conserve endangered orcas.

Banner image: Joan Poor