How fishable, swimmable and drinkable are Whatcom’s waters? Tools from two of our scientists

Get the scoop on the health of waterways in Whatcom County, plus some resources we curated for you to track water quality and take action to protect local waters. | September 16, 2020

Toolkit for local waters

Part of Whatcom Water Week 2020.

If you’ve ever looked out at one of Whatcom County’s wonderful bays, lakes, or neighborhood creeks and had an unanswered question cross your mind, this is for you! We recorded a lunchtime presentation and Q&A to learn about some of the pollution concerns that trouble RE Sources biologists Eleanor Hines and Kirsten McDade, and what you can do about it (whether you’re a biologist or not).

Check out this resource page to learn about local water quality; how to tell if a waterway is fishable, swimmable or drinkable; and ways to take action for keeping pollution out of water.

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