Squalicum High School hosts donated formal attire boutique before prom, removing barriers and reducing waste

April 10, 2018

In an effort to make prom accessible to all students while reducing textile waste in the community, Squalicum High School will hold a boutique for its students to “shop” for donated formal clothing, at no cost to them, for their May 19 prom. RE Sources for Sustainable Communities and ReUse Works are collecting clean items until April 23.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States throws away 21 billion pounds of textiles every year, about 82 pounds per resident.

“This drive is extending the life of our natural resources – think of the energy and water it takes to manufacture a tuxedo – from growing and manufacturing the fibers all the way to the electricity the store uses to power its displays and sell you the tux. That’s a lot of waste for one night. Our goal is to lessen the impact,” said Priscilla Brotherton, Sustainable Schools Program Manager.

Renting or buying formal clothing can be expensive, preventing students who would otherwise attend this once-in-a-lifetime event from going.

“Honestly, it’s really helpful because in a family of seven and being low income I wouldn’t have been able to get a dress without this program,” said a junior at Squalicum High School who wished to remain anonymous.

The boutique at Squalicum High School will be open from April 30 to May 18, and during students’ lunch period they can try on outfits and take home their favorite. Anyone can donate their clean formal wear until April 23, including formal dresses, blazers, tuxedos, ties, suspenders, dress shirts, men’s dress shoes, and hangers at these locations:

  • RE Sources office (above the RE Store)
  • Squalicum High School
  • Barkley Public Library

Media Contact: Priscilla Brotherton, Sustainable Schools Program Manager, PriscillaB@re-sources.org,  (360) 733-8307 ext. 218