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This place we call home is a very desirable place to live because of its remarkable beauty, recreation options—skiing, sailing, biking, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and more—and relative affordability. These are things we value, as do the newcomers who move here each year. We are proud to live in such an attractive and thriving community, yet we also want to safeguard the natural resources that make our home so attractive. 


People in northwestern Washington living satisfying lives in accord with the ecosystem we depend on – generation after generation.


Protect, Activate, Innovate, Thrive

 RE Sources promotes sustainable communities and protects the health of northwestern Washington’ people and ecosystems through application of science, education, advocacy and action.


RE Sources is a non-profit environmental education organization founded in 1982 as Bellingham Community Recycling. We build healthy communities by promoting and supporting waste reduction; advocating for clean water, air and energy; empowering schools to reduce their carbon footprint; and putting sustainability tools into your hands.


RE Sources empowers the people who live here—children and adults alike—to do all they can to protect our home. More specifically, the organization provides individuals with the tools they need—key information, citizen trainings and workshops, and volunteer-led field programs—to actively safeguard our marine waters, rivers, lakes, beaches and air. In fact, RE Sources now oversees a number of programs designed to reduce air and water pollution and encourage waste reduction and recycling throughout the region.

These programs include: the North Sound Baykeeper, an educator and advocate for the marine waters of Whatcom and Skagit Counties; The RE Store, seller and salvager of used building materials; The Sustainable Living Center, a place to gather and learn about sustainable practices; and Sustainable Schools, youth programs focusing on waste, air and climate change.

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Annual Report 2012

We are pleased to release our Annual Report for 2012The Annual Report provides our supporters with an update on our major accomplishments for last year as well as our vision for next year. Check it out!
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities is dedicated to helping individuals and groups build healthy, thriving communities through environmental education and advocacy. 

We believe that many environmental issues can be best addressed by individuals taking action in their own communities. But majority change can be hard to create.

That's where RE Sources comes in. As innovators, we understand leadership is essential as we ask others to adopt new ideas and actions. For thirty years we have led our communities toward healthier water quality, reduced carbon emissions, energy conservation, waste management and policy reform. We model and help others adopt practices that will create a lasting future of generations living in balance with the natural world.

Thank you for your support.

What We Imagine

On October 5th, we asked our community what they hoped for a sustainable Whatcom County. Check out their responses.