About Us

OUR VISION: People in northwestern Washington living satisfying lives in accord with the ecosystem we depend on – generation after generation.

OUR MISSION: RE Sources promotes sustainable communities and protects the health of northwestern Washington’s people and ecosystems through application of science, education, advocacy and action.

OUR HISTORY: RE Sources is a nonprofit environmental education organization founded in 1982 as Bellingham Community Recycling, the group responsible for curbside recycling in Washington state. Read more

OUR PROGRAMS: This place we call home is a very desirable place to live because of its remarkable beauty, recreation options — skiing, sailing, biking, kayaking, hiking, backpacking and more — and relative affordability. These are things we value, as do the newcomers who move here each year. But more people means more stress and strain on those resources, particularly our air and water, that make our home so attractive. That’s why the work of RE Sources is becoming increasingly critical.

RE Sources empowers the people who live here — children and adults alike — to do all they can to protect our home. More specifically, the organization provides individuals with the tools they need — key information, citizen trainings and workshops, and volunteer-led field programs — to actively safeguard our marine waters, rivers, lakes, beaches and air. In fact, RE Sources now oversees a number of programs designed to reduce air and water pollution and encourage waste reduction and recycling throughout the region.

Clean Energy
Powering sustainable solutions and progress past bad ideas.
With your help, we oppose West Coast coal export, protect our region from dangerous transport of fossil fuels, and advocate for clean energy solutions throughout our state and our communities.

Clean Water
Monitoring and protecting our precious water resources.
Our North Sound Baykeeper program uses science, policy and education to reduce pollution and toxics in the Salish Sea and its uplands. Our WaterWork program addresses water quality and quantity issues in rural Whatcom communities.


Making it easy for people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 
We promote sustainable choices,  frugality, resourcefulness and mindful consumption through green deconstruction, salvage, adaptive reuse, and education. Annually, The 
RE Store diverts over 5 million pounds of waste from landfills 
while making projects affordable and green, providing 
job skills programs, and 
keeping construction spending local.

Helping all ages protect our ecosystem and live sustainably. Together we provide hands-on education on waste prevention, water conservation, energy efficiency and climate change for all grade levels. We work with classrooms to adopt environmentally responsible behaviors, while helping teachers meet grade-level requirements.

Low Carbon Living
Leading and encouraging civic engagement on our core issues and providing resources for sustainable choices. RE Sources activates citizens by providing tools, training, education and direction to our active members while building a sense of community in shared purpose. We campaign to create the public insistence necessary to influence both public and private decision-makers and leaders so they create and execute policy to meet our community vision. The Sustainable Living Center provides a community hub for meeting, organizing, and collaborating; as well as a community garden and a demonstration rain water harvesting system.

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