We promote sustainable communities and protect the health of northwestern Washington people and ecosystems through application of science, education, advocacy and action. Our vision is to see people living satisfying lives in accord with the ecosystem we depend on – generation after generation. Join us

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Make your voice heard for clean water, renewable energy solutions, reducing urban sprawl, and a more sustainable future for Cherry Point.

The Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan will determine the future of our community. Our elected officials need to hear from you about the importance of protecting our community's health, safety, and future.  Read more


Now Hiring

RE Sources is seeking a Development Associate to play a critical role in organizing/implementing a canvass operation and supervising canvassers; and providing significant support to RE Sources’ Development Director so that 2016 fundraising goals are met. The canvass operation component of this work will be focused on engaging and expanding a broad-based grassroots movement to impact decisions on coal and oil export projects in Northern Puget Sound and, building support for protecting and restoring the Salish Sea. Fundraising duties will focus on donor stewardship and raising money from events, businesses, and monthly donors. 

The Development Associate position is a 40-hour per week full-time position. The compensation package includes health benefits (medical, dental and vision) and a generous paid time off program. Salary is dependent upon experience. See the full job description

RE Sources is seeking a Communications Associate to join our team. The Communications Associate will be responsible for generating communications materials to support the activities of our Clean Water and Clean Energy programs. Work will focus on raising the profile and visibility of RE Sources’ work in the region; building awareness of coal and oil export projects in the North Puget Sound region and engaging the community in protecting the Salish Sea. 

The Communications Associate position is a 32-40 hour per week position, salary commensurate upon experience and eligible to participate in our generous compensation package. See full job description.

Your investment = clean air, clean water, and lives lived in harmony with the natural wonders that surround us. Thank you for your commitment.

Gratitude: this is the word that strengthens our optimism and determination as we greet the new year and the work that lies ahead. 

Because of you, we are ready to take on tough challenges and win; we are moved by your words of encouragement, and we are inspired by your actions. Your partnership is what makes our successes possible - and the crew here at RE Sources is extremely grateful for your contributions of time, expertise and money.

In a world beset with acts of terrorism, vanishing species, wars, famines, and the impacts of climate change, it is all too tempting to give in to apathy and despair. Believe me, I get it. The problems are so overwhelming that it's easy to dismiss our individual actions as little more than whispers in the face of hurricane force winds. 

But that's not really the point, is it? We all clearly know what we're up against, but still we act with passion and resolve. Because we love the Pacific Northwest. It defines us. We love its islands, waters, forests, orcas, salmon and shorelines. And we love our children and grandchildren.

I believe you and I are engaged in the most worthy of causes. We are creating a meaningful, resilient, healthy future and conspiring to provide the best of all possible worlds for our heirs.Clean air, clean water, and lives lived in harmony with the natural wonders that surround us. 

Tonight, as I celebrate the end of a powerful year and the ringing in of 2016, I will be reflecting on all that we can accomplish when we are unified in our purpose. I hope you will, too. 

Best wishes to you and your family in 2016.

In awe of you,


Crina Hoyer

Executive Director
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities
(360) 733-8307

P.S. Yes we met, in fact exceeded our challenge match of $60,000 thanks to you! Because of your stalwart support, we exceeded our annual income goal - a feat which took generosity and investment from each one of you - for which we owe you our immense gratitude.Thank you.

Voted Best Nonprofit of Bellingham!

RE Sources was just named "Best of Bellingham" non-profit by Cascadia Weekly readers. The paper said "Some organizations are born great, others achieve greatness in the way they approach their mission. RE Sources is a little of both."  – Casacia Weekly's Best of Bellingham 

We think the reason for our greatness is YOU! Thank you so much for making our victories possible in 2015.

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Special thanks to our Cornerstone Sponsor, Sanitary Services CompanyWhatcom County's largest full-service recycling and waste collection company. Locally-owned and family-operated.

Special thanks to our cornerstone sponsor, Recycling & Disposal Services Inc (RDS), local, privately owned transfer station in Ferndale with progressive waste management practices.


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