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It takes a team effort to keep Whatcom County’s water clean

In Whatcom County, we have learned the hard way that we can’t take our good fortune for granted. From the efforts to restore Bellingham’s waterfront, you know that the cost of cleanup far exceeds the cost of prevention. You also know that declining water quality in Lake Whatcom, the drinking water source for 100,000 residents, gets more and more expensive to treat – a cost ultimately borne by you and me. 

To keep Whatcom County special, we need to be vigilant. We need to be careful. And we need to take action when pollution does taint our precious waters. That is RE Sources’ job, and we’ve done it for 35 years – upholding standards of respect, integrity, and always keeping an eye toward the future we are creating for our grandchildren. They deserve a future in which a prosperous community and clean water continue to coexist. Read the full piece here.

Clean Water Act case settled with Cargill, Inc.

On December 1st, RE Sources & Puget Soundkeeper Alliance settled a $70K suit with Cargill, Inc. for polluted stormwater runoff from their facility in Ferndale. Cargill, a billion-dollar global commodities distributor, has been out of compliance with their industrial stormwater permit for five years at their Ferndale facility, despite warnings from Dept. of Ecology. Water quality downstream in the Lummi and Nooksack Rivers has been compromised with pollutants toxic to salmon (including threatened Chinook) and aquatic habitat, threatening downstream shellfish beds and recreation. We are pleased to see Cargill take responsibility for the impacts on our community and commit to remedying the problem. As in all legal cases, settlement funds are not received by RE Sources directly or indirectly. Funds will be designated by a third party, agreed upon by all litigants, and go toward water quality restoration projects to offset the damage. ​Read the full press release.

Clean Water Act — 45th anniversary

There are few things more fundamental to our health and well-being than clean water. We just celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, a law designed to protect all of our waters from pollution and destruction. Read more about the Clean Water Act, it's significance, and how it's under attack

Especially in the case of large, industrial pollution with little accountability, the Clean Water Act provides a safety net for citizens to stand up to those compromising public waters — no matter how big the polluter. When education, cooperation, and policy enforcement fail to protect our water resources, the North Sound Baykeeper turns to the Clean Water Act. And when we win a Clean Water Act suit against a polluter, we never see any money from that case. Read more about what happens to Clean Water Act settlement funds

Our Sound, Our Salmon — Tell Gov. Inslee to stop Atlantic salmon net pens

Protect our salmon!
California, Oregon, and Alaska have all banned Atlantic salmon net pens to protect the health of their salmon and waters.
Take action today and tell Governor Inslee it's time Washington joins them and takes the first step forward by banning the expansion of Atlantic salmon net pens in Washington's waters

There’s never been a better time to go solar!

Next workshop: Jan. 13th, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM at RE Sources (map)
Washington Goes Solar! is a project of RE Sources that offers homeowners and businesses help with solar installations. This hassle-free, fun program is created to offer you the best value and the easiest access to the information you need to make a decision to go solar. 

The incentives are excellent, the math makes sense, the timing is right. Not only will you start saving money, add value to your property, and help the environment, your new system will also earn RE Sources a donated array! Read more & RSVP here..


Millennium coal terminal in Longview denied

On September 26th, the WA Department of Ecology denied a necessary water quality permit for the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export facility in Longview, rendering the project officially dead. If built, Millennium would have been the largest coal export facility in North America, exporting up to 44 million tons of coal overseas.  Read more.

Joint Statement on Washington CAFO Permit Appeal Settlement Negotiations

The parties to the appeal of the Washington Department of Ecology’s “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation General Permit (NPDES and State Waste Discharge Permits),” issued on January 18, 2017, have agreed to enter into settlement negotiations in an attempt to resolve ongoing litigation before the Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB). Read more.

Educators: Register for free education programs from sustainability experts

Our elementary, middle, and high school education specialists are now enrolling classrooms and student groups to participate in our free programs. Empower your students to be active creators of their future, challenging them to think critically about their use of natural resources, and inspire them to be a part of the solution. Learn more about our new offerings for the school yearContact us at schools@re-sources.org or (360) 733-8307 to get started today.

Voted best nonprofit in Bellingham

RE Sources was named the best nonprofit in 2015 by Cascadia Weekly readers in the "Best of Bellingham." The paper said "Some organizations are born great, others achieve greatness in the way they approach their mission. RE Sources is a little of both."  Read more in the 
Cascadia Weekly's Best of Bellingham, page 14.

We think the reason for our greatness is YOU! Thank you so much for making our victories possible.

Waterkeeper Alliance member

Our North Sound Baykeeper is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international nonprofit that strengthens and grows a global network of grassroots leaders protecting everyone’s right to clean water. The Waterkeeper Alliance is made up of over 300 organizations and affiliates protecting rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on 6 continents, with a goal of swimmable, drinkable, fishable water everywhere. Learn more.

If you see pollution, report it! Call the Pollution Hotline:  (360) 220-0556.  
Please take photos and be prepared to discuss location and details about the pollution.

Special thanks to our business sponsors and partners who help make our work possible: 

Special thanks to our Cornerstone Sponsor, Sanitary Services Company, Whatcom County's largest full-service recycling and waste collection company. Locally-owned and family-operated.

Special thanks to our cornerstone sponsor, Recycling & Disposal Services Inc (RDS), local, privately owned transfer station in Ferndale with progressive waste management practices.

Thanks to the Mountaineers Foundation for awarding the 2017 Paul Wiseman Conservation Education Grant to RE Sources. This generous funding will be used to support our Young Water Stewards Program. 

As a 501(c)(3) organization, RE Sources does not directly or indirectly influence any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.