Watch: Water from the Woods

The latest short film from RE Sources' Future Forests campaign follows Land and Water Policy Manager Alexander Harris on a journey down the Nooksack River, from timberline to shoreline.
November 29, 2023

Watch the short film

The newest film from our Future Forests campaign, Water from the Woods explores how healthy forest ecosystems regulate seasonal river flows and how industrial forestry has contributed to an altered seasonal flow of water across our region. The film highlights how ecological forestry can protect and restore water resources in a climate-changed future. Watch it below!


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Learn more about how you can plug in to our Future Forests campaign. Sharing Water from the Woods on social media is also a great way to amplify our message and our collective impact. Videos are inspiring, sure — but how do we actually protect mature forests, recover salmon and orca populations and build climate resilience? Simple: Build enough political will to pass better policies. To do that takes strong relationships, policy chops, savvy organizing, and the funds to make it all happen.

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