Host or Sponsor Green Drinks

In a community where word-of-mouth is king, having a large group of supportive patrons to spread the word doesn’t get much better. As a Green Drinks sponsor or host, you gain valuable exposure to the green community of Whatcom County.

Host a Green Drinks event

Our local Green Drinks chapter meets from 5-7 PM on the first Wednesday of every month at varying locations in Bellingham. You could be the next meeting spot! Green Drinks attendees vary in age and background, and are less accessible through traditional marketing channels compared with other Whatcom County residents. Green Drinks attendees have expressed desire to support businesses and brands that align with their green and sustainable lifestyles. Attendance at each event varies, with typical group size being 60-100 and growing! Attendees often show up hungry and thirsty, prepared to stay for at least two hours. Hosts typically gross sales between $300 – $600 at each event in a two-hour timeframe.

By hosting Green Drinks, you’ll get free advertising when we promote your event. 

  • Bellingham Green Drinks e-newsletters (reaching 1,000 opted-in individuals),
  • RE Sources Facebook page (reaching 4,000+ followers),
  • Bellingham Green Drinks Facebook group (1,000+ members and growing daily),
  • RE Sources website.

As a host, we ask that you:

  • Have a space large enough for up to 100 attendees,
  • Provide adequate staff to set up, serve, and clean up,
  • Provide beer, wine, glasses, and seating,
  • Help us drum up a buzz by inviting your friends and supporters to attend,
  • Donate $1 per drink sold during the event to RE Sources (this helps cover our staff time),
  • A logo and a business description for us to promote the event.

Contact with our Green Drinks Coordinator at to learn more and find a good month to have Green Drinks attendees come to your space! Be sure to plan ahead, as Green Drinks events often fill up 6-12 months in advance.

Sponsor a Green Drinks event

As a Green Drinks sponsor, you have the opportunity to align yourself with the green community in Whatcom County. Each month, our event adversing reaches a community willing to support businesses that hold similar values. By sponsoring Green Drinks, your logo and info are prominently displayed on all electronic materials, including:

  • Promotional e-newsletters, reaching about 1,000 opted-in individuals,
  • RE Sources social media promotions, reaching more than 4,000 followers,
  • Bellingham Green Drinks Facebook group, reaching over 1,000 members,
  • Linked on our website and often on host websites.

Plus, you get…

  • Time on microphone at the event,
  • Banner space at the event (if applicable),
  • Tabling space at the event.

Sponsorship opportunities can be tailored to your needs. Our typical sponsorship looks like this:

  • Annual 12-month sponsorship – $2,000,
  • Quarterly 3-month sponsorship – $500,
  • Monthly 1-month sponsorship – $200.

Email our Green Drinks coordinator at to inquire about sponsoring a Green Drinks!

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