• Gaslighting

    Like “clean coal,” the fossil fuel industry wants to trick you into loving natural gas.

  • The world is changing, school should change too

    We're rolling out new and expanded programs to support students and educators facing another high-anxiety school year in the COVID-climate era.

  • Cherry Point: Whatcom Co. approves landmark policy to regulate fossil fuel industry

    Whatcom just became one of the first refinery communities in the U.S. to permanently prohibit new refineries, piers, transshipment facilities.


    We've been working hard to build a healthier community for 35+ years. Be part of this world change with us.

  • getting fossil fuels out of homes and buildings

    It’s time to move on from burning gas — which heats the climate and harms respiratory health — by switching to clean, all-electric buildings.

  • black lives matter

    RE Sources and The RE Store stand against racism, white supremacy, police violence and the ingrained structures and institutions that enable and perpetuate them.

  • A voice for science

    For 20+ years, RE Sources' North Sound Baykeeper has been a crucial voice for science, ensuring that the public’s interest has a seat at the table — not just industry and government. Call or text the Baykeeper's pollution hotline: (360) 220-0556

We mobilize people to protect the water, land, and climate we all depend on.

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