Thank you for urging your legislators to support a reusable bag law statewide! Here's how you can help:

1. Go to the Legislature's SSB 5323 comment page here and fill out your information
2. Mark that you SUPPORT the bill
3. Paste (and adapt, if willing and able) the language below into the Comment section, and submit!

Please support the Reusable Bag Bill and include the 10-cent pass-through charge for paper bags and thick, reusable plastic film bags. Plastic checkout bags are a public nuisance and cause harm to Washington’s beautiful lands and waters. 

Not only do they harm wildlife, but also cause major contamination at recycling and composting facilities and are costly to clean up. 28 local communities in Washington have already passed plastic bag ordinances to limit plastic pollution, and the local and public support for a statewide bill is overwhelming. It is time to we have a statewide solution to plastic bags. Thank you.