Tell Your State Senator: Vote NO on SB 5805

What is SB 5805?

SB 5805
is a law currently under consideration in the Washington State Legislature that would fast-track the permitting process for certain kinds of projects, such as coal ports. If it passes, it would expand the exceptions to the normal environmental review process. Currently, the law allows for an expedited environmental review in only very limited circumstances, namely manufacturing and research projects that have a net environmental benefit, such as a solar panel manufacturer, or the restoration of a salmon stream.

SB 5805 makes it so other types of projects, such as coal ports, can avoid an adequate environmental review. It goes further -- if designated, agencies would be required to fast-track:
  • Basic commodity transportation projects, including coal ports and rail line improvements to enable coal trains.
  • Energy development projects, such as power plants or fracking operations.
  • Projects that employ only 70 or more people, or:
  • In rural counties, only employ 30 or more people.
Projects would no longer have to demonstrate a net environmental benefit to be considered, and all projects that apply for fast-tracking and have a "significant economic benefit" to the state would be designated under the lawGravel mines, coal exports, even fracking operations would be allowed to go through an inadequate, fast-tracked review process.

Why is SB 5805 a problem?

The environmental review process is one of the best tools we have to protect our communities from environmental and public health disasters. It allows us to do thorough studies to identify potential harms, develop and require mitigations, and determine if there is a basis for rejecting projects that can't meet our state environmental standards. It gives us the opportunity to prevent mistakes before we make them. SB 5805 would allow some of the most destructive projects to bypass this review.

How can we stop SB 5805?

  1. Contact your state representative in Olympia and ask them to vote against SB 5805.
  2. Let your friends on Facebook know about SB 5805 and encourage them to get involved.
  3. Volunteer with Power Past Coal to help let others know about this dangerous legislation. You can call Matt Petryni at RE Sources, 360-303-1660 or to get signed up.
  4. Sign up for the Power Past Coal e-mail list to make sure you stay up to date on other legislation like this.

Matt Petryni,
Feb 26, 2013, 5:21 PM