Frequently Asked Questions

Q: With only 6 weeks of school left, is there still time to have the Sustainable Schools team come and present to my classroom?

A: Yes, absolutely. We would love to help you wrap up the school year with one of our presentations or workshops on Waste Prevention, Water Conservation, or Energy Efficiency and Climate Change. Use our online registration or email the Green Classroom Coordinator at to schedule a workshop today.

Q: What steps will I take next year if I've already received certification for the school year? 

A: First off, great job reaching certification for the school year! We would be more than happy to work with you and your new group of students next year., whether you'd like to receive certification on the same topic or switch it up. Feel free to email the Green Classroom Coordinator at during the beginning of the school year, as you're completing your lesson plans, to secure your preferred spot in our schedule. We'll also make sure to remind you to register through our newsletter and personal emails.

Q: We've completed our action project, where do we go from here?
A: Great, you're almost ready for certification. The only thing standing between you and your certification is this quick evaluation form. The 5 minutes you spend on this will allow you to share what you and your students accomplished throughout the program. Plus, it'll help us in the Sustainable Schools team extend our program and funding while continuing to provide engaging and relevant workshops for future classrooms.

Q: What time commitment is needed to complete the Green Classroom Certification program?
A: We estimate you and your students will spend a total of 3-6 hours of class time for the entire program. This includes the in-class workshop (~1 hour), brainstorming and coming up with a classroom pledge (~30 minutes), completing your action project (~1-4 hours), and receiving your certification (~15 minutes). 

Q: How does the Green Classroom program fit into my grade-level curriculum?
A: Our program was developed to cover key concepts and meet state standards for every topic at every grade-level. We have matched each of our classroom workshops to Next Generation Science Standards. Also, select your grade-level below to see what additional Common Core and Science Standards are met by our Green Classroom Certification Program. 

Q: How do I register for the Green Classroom Certification Program?

A: For quick and easy registration, simply fill out our online registration form and we will email you a confirmation for a date a time that you've selected. If you have questions about our program or scheduling, feel free to email us at and we'd be happy to accommodate your scheduling needs. 

Don't see the answer you're looking for? Contact us at or (360)-733-8307  to add your question to the FAQ list.