Step 2: Host a Workshop

We host hands-on, grade-level appropriate workshops on waste prevention, energy efficiency and climate change, and water conservation as part of our Green Classroom program. Each workshop will introduce key concepts and vocabulary related to the chosen topic, explore the environmental impacts humans have on natural resources and related problems, and brainstorm solutions students can take part in regularly at school and home.

Waste Prevention

Students will learn about what goes into an average trash can, where those things go (landfill), and what waste alternatives are available. Younger students will primarily learn through stories while older students will learn through participatory activities. All age groups will get the opportunity to sort trash and understand the importance of doing so. Read more.

Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Students will learn about the different forms of energy, where they come from, renewable versus nonrenewable, and why it is important to conserve energy. In the lower elementary grade levels, the main focus will be on ways students can help save energy and reduce energy consumption. In the upper elementary classrooms, concepts related to global warming and how it is affected by our energy usage will be introduced and discussed. Read more.

Water Conservation

Students will learn how and why our water supply is limited, and how to be careful with our potable water. After an overview of the Water Cycle, students will have the opportunity to make Water Bracelets to remind them of the Water Cycle, the importance of avoiding pollutants, and conserving water. Read more.