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Our FREE Green Classroom program 

Through hands-on projects, we challenge students to integrate their learning and leave with life-long lessons.  

Your students will begin to think critically about their use of natural resources and see how waste, water, and energy are integral parts of our everyday lives, and how they can make an individual impact.

Each workshop is grade level appropriate, engages the students in memorable ways, gets them out of the classroom (if you choose), and encourages initiative in their own learning. The program is also: 
Register online or contact us at schools@re-sources.org or (360) 733-8307 ext. 218.

Where to start

We'll walk you through each step of the program to ensure you have all the support you need to be effective and have fun! These steps usually take about 1 month to complete.

  1. Register
  2. Host a Workshop
  3. Make a Pledge
  4. Complete an Action Project
  5. Receive Your Certification!

The topics

Each workshop includes the introduction and discussion of current environmental issues and encourages action through brainstorming possible solutions. See how each of our workshops can help you meet state standards for your classroom.
  1. Waste Prevention
  2. Energy Efficiency & Climate Change
  3. Water Conservation

Teacher testimonials

"The presenter was fabulous, had a great presence, and knew how to work with the kiddos! My students learned a bunch and we able to talk about it later using the key-chains and bracelets."

"The lessons were developmentally appropriate and engaging. The kids really came to understand the vocabulary word, 'conservation'. We have made a pledge and we plan to stick to it!"

"The students continue to carry the Food to Flowers bin to the school collection bins every morning as part of their routine. They are managing this by themselves with barely any reminders from me."

"All the information was grade level appropriate and useful. It was good for the kids to hear the effects of littering, landfills and how we can help clean up our earth by recycling."

"I liked how you brought in support from other community groups to help us plan and execute the actions. It's good to align with a larger community."

"Everyone took the pledge to heart. I like the way it fits in with our science standards."

"Loved the pacing, lesson objectives, and activities!!!! I liked that it tied in so well to themes that we explore all year long in the fifth grade."

"The hands-on and visuals are great teaching tools. Students loved the felt board visuals, and it made it possible for all students to comprehend and participate in the lesson."

See what action projects past classrooms have done on our schools blog:

More information

Register online or contact us at schools@re-sources.org or (360) 733-8307 ext. 106.