Our rooms are available to rent at very low cost. Rentals include the use of facilities, dishes, appliances, and equipment upon request. Whether you have a small group or a large presentation to accommodate, The Sustainable Living Center has a room to fit your needs. Click here for pricing and room descriptions.

For more information about The Sustainable Living Center contact Jeanne Taylor at 733-8307 or email JeanneT@re-sources.org. 

The Sustainable Living Center is an innovative community hub where people can come to learn about sustainability issues (green building, permaculture, solar technology, rain water harvesting, etc.). Our community facility, at 2309 Meridian St. in Bellingham, features:
  • The RE Store, with its large inventory of affordable, recycled and vintage building materials.

  • Volunteer training sessions and community workshops where people can learn skills from how to testify at public hearings, plant an organic veggie garden, monitor water pollution, or build an earthen structure.

  • A library filled with the latest information and news in conservation and green building. Contact Jeanne at JeanneT@re-sources.org if you have books to donate!

  • Skill-building workshops, like how to re-use construction materials, plumb a sink, install a window, or build a rain barrel. 

  • Sustainability courses, like food preservation, in-home energy conservation, organic gardening, natural building, and more.

  • Educational exhibits and interactive displays that link human actions and the environment—imagine calculating your global warming footprint or learning about how to reduce energy consumption in your home.

  • RE Sources for Sustainable Communities education and advocacy offices.

  • The RE Patch Community Garden: Our food-producing, educational, community-gathering hub, behind The RE Store warehouse.