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Urge Whatcom County Council: Protect 100,000 peoples' drinking water into the future!

Thank you for urging the Whatcom County Council to be proactive in protecting our drinking water, and support a Lake Whatcom utility fee! Learn more about how the county plans to keep pollution out of Lake Whatcom on our FAQ page.

Please send the council the below email by June 13th:

Subject Line: Support proposed Lake Whatcom stormwater utility rate

Dear Whatcom County Council,

I am writing to ask that you approve the rate structure for the Lake Whatcom Stormwater Utility that the appointed committee recommended. 

Lake Whatcom, the drinking water source for the majority of Whatcom County residents, is on an unacceptably and unnecessarily long timeline (50 years!) for cleanup. The stormwater utility rate structure is equitable in considering impacts based on amounts of impervious surfaces because amount of impervious surface has been found to have the most direct correlation to runoff. Nutrients and contaminants flow quickly into the lake further degrading water quality. The proposed structure does allow for rate reduction (jumping down to the smaller or medium sized footprint charges) if people participate in the Homeowner Incentive Program. Rate reduction should also be allowed if homeowners reduce their impacts by incorporating onsite best management practices if they’re not in the HIP service area. 

For years, Bellingham has contributed a significant amount of money toward protecting and restoring Lake Whatcom with their own stormwater utility fee and an additional water utility charge. The County should not be relying upon the County-wide Flood Fund to pay for the bulk of the County’s contribution for Lake Whatcom programs. What will happen if the Flood Fund runs out of reserves and there’s a major flood on the Nooksack River? 

It is time to approve the proposed stormwater utility rate for the County portion of the watershed.

Thank you for considering my comment.

[First & Last Name]