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Urge the Whatcom County Council to prioritize countywide water conservation (November 29th, 2018)

The Whatcom County Council has one chance before the year’s end to prioritize countywide water conservation and leave enough water in our streams for salmon to survive — but only if they hear from you before Tuesday, December 4th.

Here is language for an email that you can adapt and personalize:

Dear County Council Members:

I am writing to ask that you direct your Planning Unit caucus representative to vote to elevate the importance of water conservation in the Watershed Management Plan update before the last Planning Unit meeting on December 12. 

Water conservation and efficiency has received little attention in the planning process despite the low cost, high likelihood of success, and lack of environmental impacts compared to other projects in the plan update. I am concerned about some projects on the list such as groundwater augmentation of streams or “pump and dumps” which can have water quality impacts on salmon and uncertainty of success.

As your constituent, I hope Whatcom County will champion water conservation and lead a county-wide water conservation effort beginning in next year. It is on all of us to use water efficiently in the face of climate change, population growth, salmon and orca recovery. 

[your name]

County Council email addresses to include:;;;;;;;

For more information, please reach out to Policy Analyst Karlee Deatherage at