Invest in energy security by opening the door to renewable energy jobs and achieving carbon neutrality.

With compounding effects of coal industry bankruptcies, peak oil, and climate change, we must transition our dependency on fossil fuels to long-term, sustainable energy sources. 

Whatcom County should lead the nation in creating a secure future by encouraging jobs in clean energy technologies and policies that encourage sustainable energy solutions to be produced locally. 

Unlike many states, Washington state’s policies provide residents with the best combination of solar incentives in the nation, opening the door to a vital solar industry. Whatcom County is home to our state’s largest solar panel producer, and we should continue to lead in this emerging  sector.

2016 Comprehensive Plan

On August 9, 2016, the Whatcom County Council adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan. The plan includes policies and language that:
  • Establish a Climate Impact Advisory Committee to establish targets that meet state climate impact goals, recommend updates to the Comprehensive Plan that meet county emission goals, and ensure county facilities and operations meet climate protection and conservation goals (Policy 11D-6)

  • Pursue renewable energy supply portfolios for the county from power suppliers, as well as small local renewable energy projects such as anaerobic digesters and wind energy (Policy 5H-2)

  • Revisit restrictions on the development of wind energy systems, aka the wind moratorium (Policy 7G-4)