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Policies for Whatcom County's future

Determining the future of our community.

The Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan touches everything we value, from ensuring we have plentiful clean drinking water to preserving our farmlands, from protecting our aquatic ecosystems to moving our county toward a clean energy future.

Local planning, global influence

The Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan informs regulatory policy, budget decisions, and development standards for local government on a 20-year planning horizon. Required by state law, it shapes the context of our county's decision-making and determines how our county will develop in the future. 

It answers crucial questions such as: Will we sprawl into farmland or protect this key economic driver? Will we set goals to solve water quantity problems or wait for someone else to solve them for us? Will we allow new dirty and dangerous fossil fuel projects or commit to a clean energy future?

2016 Comprehensive Plan 

On August 9, 2016, the Whatcom County Council adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan

RE Sources focused on policies in four areas: protecting clean water, preventing urban sprawl, investing in energy security, and discouraging unrefined fossil fuel export projects. The council crafted sound policies in several of theses areas, and sent proposed amendments discouraging unrefined fossil fuel export projects back to the Planning Commission for further review.

Read more about the updated Comprehensive Plan policies in each of these areas:

Get involved 

1. Email the Whatcom County Council. Thank council members for implementing policies that protect clean water, prevent urban sprawl, and invest in energy security

2. Become a campaign funder. Help us ensure Whatcom County utilizes the updated Comprehensive Plan to implement progressive policies for clean water, energy security, and more.