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Host a Green Drinks

Green Drinks is an informal, social opportunity for community members interested in the environment to meet, find out what's going on in Whatcom County, and support each other.

Benefits of hosting

Promotion: Hosting a Green Drinks event gets you free advertising.
            • Bellingham Green Drinks e-newsletters (reaching 900+ opted-in individuals)
            • RE Sources for Sustainable Communities Facebook page (reaching 4,000+ followers)
            • Bellingham Green Drinks Facebook group (1,000+ members and growing daily);
            • RE Sources for Sustainable Communities website (visited by 1,000+ users monthly).

A boost in business: Hosting a Green Drinks event brings in immediate additional income. 
            • Patronage of a respectful, thirsty group of 60-100 attendees, and growing
            • Most Green Drinks attendees will stay for at least two hours, and come back to your business again
            • Hosts typically gross sales between $300 - $600 at each event
            • In a two-hour timeframe, this means that your daily sales will be multiplied

Exposure: Hosting Green Drinks improves business profiles and strengthens your brand. 

            • In a town where word-of-mouth is king, having a large group of supportive patrons to spread the word doesn't get much better.
            • Link to a key demographic of 30-year-old to 60-year-olds who typically aren't accessible through traditional marketing channels.
            • Exposure to a crowd of community leaders and advocates who are social, well-connected, and operate within groups of influence.
            • Unique opportunity to gain the patronage of a demographic willing to pay more for green products and live sustainable lifestyles.

Hosting duties

Hosting a Green Drinks event is a simple, fun way to showcase your business. Your duties: 

  • Provide a 25-word abstract of your business and how it relates to the green community (will be edited)
  • Provide a space large enough for up to 100 attendees
  • Provide adequate staff to set up, serve, and clean up
  • Help us drum up a buzz by inviting your friends and supporters to attend
  • Provide beer and wine (cider and non-alcoholic drinks optional)
  • Provide glasses (we prefer not to use disposable/compostable cups for these events, so please let us know if you need glasses)
  • Permit from Washington State Liquor Board (apply online) must be secured 45 days prior to event when not at a bar or restaurant
  • Tip jar for donations to RE Sources for Sustainable Communities ($4 suggested donation)
     (NOTE: Hosts such as breweries/restaurants agree to donate $1 per drink sold or 20% of sales between 5pm-7pm.)

RE Sources opens the floor for announcements at 6:00 PM, and hosts are welcome to speak for up to 5 minutes. If a longer presentation is desired, email our Green Drinks coordinator to make arrangements.

How to host

Email our Green Drinks coordinator to inquire about hosting a Green Drinks. Be sure to plan well in advance, as Green Drinks events fill up 6-12 months in advance.