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Donate today to maintain our treasured way of life.

RE Sources builds healthy communities by promoting and supporting waste reduction; advocating for clean water, air and energy; empowering schools to reduce their carbon footprint; and putting sustainability tools into your hands.

Thanks to people like you, we have:

  • Conducted 7 beach cleanups that brought over 200 participants out to our local waterways and cleaned up over 3,300 pounds of trash
  • Opened a new field office to channel hundreds of volunteers into Power Past Coal activities
  • Delivered 150 classroom presentations about climate change, waste reduction and air quality to 3,926 students in grades K-12 in Whatcom, Island and Skagit Counties
  • Deconstructed 7,900 square-feet of buildings, salvaging nearly 160,000 pounds of materials for re-use
  • Installed three water catchment demonstration systems, with nearly 1,500 gallon water storage capacity and visibility to roughly 13,000 daily shoppers and passersby
And these are just a few examples of the way we are building sustainability into our community.
So when you donate, we are able to use your support to both protect our environment and equip individuals in creating a sustainable community.
Donate now. You depend on our local environment, and you can help protect it. Together, we can do better.
Your gift will keep us "powering past coal" to move us beyond coal to a clean energy economy; reducing construction and demolition waste; working to reduce our community's carbon footprint; and increasing local sustainable practices.  
Join us in maintaining our treasured way of life.
Join RE Sources

NO Coal Community
RE Sources at the May 2011 Bill McKibben event. (Photo credit: Paul Anderson)

Our programs are supported by your generous donations. Please support our work.

  • The RE Store
    Providing opportunities for recycling and reuse in your business, home and garden. 

  • North Sound Baykeeper
    Advocating for drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waters by reducing water pollution, protecting and improving aquatic habitat.

  • Cool School Challenge
    Engaging schools in waste reduction, energy efficiency and smart transportation choices.

  • Sustainable Living Center
    Providing space for community conversation and education, hosting Do-It-Yourself workshops and modeling healthy home and business practices.

  • Power Past Coal
    Working to stop the coal export terminal at Cherry Point and protect quality of life in Whatcom County for many generations to come. This program is part of
    multi-state initiative to move us beyond coal to a clean energy economy. 

Other Ways to Get Involved

Join us in maintaining our treasured way of life.

RE Sources offers many different ways to become involved with our organization.

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