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RE Sources offers a seasonal series of skill-building workshops, classes, films, seminars, presentations and facilitated discussions to help you build a more sustainable lifestyle. Scroll down to see what's upcoming at RE Sources Sustainable Living Center (above The RE Store). 2309 Meridian Street, Bellingham, WA. 

Proceeds from all workshops benefit RE Sources' environmental conservation and advocacy. Thank you for supporting our community. 

2014 Fidalgo Bay Science Conference

Thursday October 23rd
8:30 am - 4:00pm
Fidalgo Bay Resort
4701 Fidalgo Bay Rd, Anacortes (map)

"From Research to Restoration, Setting an Example for the Salish Sea". The conference program will address current science, research, policy, and management of projects taking place in or that can be applied to Fidalgo Bay. Work of the Fidalgo Bay Aquatic Reserve Citizen Stewardship Committee on intertidal and forage fish surveys will be part of the program. Contact Erin Licata to RSVP at or 360.293.6404, x 111. 

Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Forum: A Report to the Community

Saturday, October 25th
9:30am - 3:00 0pm 
Bellingham Technical College (map)
Building G, Room 102A/103B

Attend this Forum to learn about the risks posed to the Salish Sea by projected increases in vessel and rail transportation, and learn about Cherry Point herring and their role in the ecosystem. Sessions include experts speaking on Vessel and Railway Risk Assessment, Cherry Point as an Aquatic Reserve, and Forage Fish and Cherry Point herring. The forum is sponsored by the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve Citizen Stewardship Committee. Learn more about the committee here.

Click here to read about the presenters. 

Hanford: Myth or Reality?

Tuesday, October 28th 
6:00 - 9:00 pm
RE Sources Sustainable Living Center 
2309 Meridian St, Bellingham (map)
(accessed through staircase from The RE Store's parking lot)

Hanford, called the most contaminated site in North America, presents the paradox of massive contamination next to a river preserved in its natural state. Hanford borders the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River – made a National Monument because of the Reach’s pristine beauty. Understanding Hanford requires more knowledge than recent headlines about leaking radioactive waste tanks. Dieter Bohrmann with the Washington Department of Ecology Nuclear Waste Program will cover some Hanford history as well as the current progress and challenges of the nuclear cleanup efforts, including plans to remediate 56 million gallons of chemical and radioactive waste in Hanford’s 177 underground tanks.

Dieter Bohrmann, a graduate of WWU, is the communication manager and public involvement team-lead for the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program in Richland. Mr. Bohmann supports Ecology's outreach and education efforts, and is the point of contact for the Hanford Advisory Board. 

For more information, contact Dieter

The Greatness of the Bolt Decision of 1974: Its Pivotal Role in Northwest Washington, Indian Country, and America Today

Thursday, October 30th
7:00 pm
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship
1207 Ellsworth Street (map)

Join us and Whatcom County elected officials and other members of the community to a presentation about how the Boldt Decisions continue to impact our local and regional water and salmon issues. Dr. Wilkinson (Distinguished Professor, University of Colorado Law School) is a nationally recognized scholar of law related to Indian Treaty rights, has written fourteen books including the standard law texts on public land law and on Indian law, and is currently working on a book about the Boldt decision. An understanding of the Boldt decisions is fundamental to the work of resolving our local water issues.

An Informational Meeting About DNR's Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan

In Bellingham:
Tuesday, November 18th 
6 pm - 8 pm
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities
2309 Meridian St., 2nd floor
In Anacortes:
Wednesday, November 19th
6 pm-8 pm
Salvation Army
3001 R Ave #100, 2nd floor

A draft Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for aquatic lands is out for review, and comments are due by December 4. Learn the specifics of the HCP from DNR's Lalena Amiotte, HCP Supervisor, and learn how the HCP will affect practices around your favorite water body, including the Cherry Point and Fidalgo Bay Aquatic Reserve and Bellingham Bay. 
An HCP is an agreement between the federal government (US Fish and Wildlife and NOAA Fisheries) and an entity that outlines a habitat conservation plan that must be followed in order to allow certain actions which may result in the harming or "incidental take" of an endangered (or at risk) species. Often, these occur on a permit by permit basis.
According to DNR: This HCP will "ensure that activities authorized by DNR, such as leasing for marinas and aquaculture, can continue while avoiding and minimizing impacts to endangered species. By committing to the conservation strategies in the aquatic HCP, DNR and entities that lease state-owned aquatic lands will receive federal assurances of compliance with the ESA." 
The proposed HCP details a number of activities that WDNR (or individuals, businesses, and other governmental agencies authorized by WDNR) plans to undertake during the next 50 years to avoid and minimize harmful effects to vulnerable species and their habitats. The HCP proposes to protect 29 species, including the federally listed Chinook salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead trout, bull trout, Eulachon,  canary rockfish, yelloweye rockfish,  and several unlisted fish and wildlife species. 

Host a Workshop or Event

Please contact or call (360)733.8307 for rental rates and information. 

Location & Directions

2309 Meridian Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

The Sustainable Living Center is located just above The RE Store, on the NW corner of Broadway and Meridian in the Fountain District. You'll find a bike rack in the alley off of Broadway and the stairs behind the RE Store.

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