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Community Talks on Energy

Community Talks on Energy
March 9th to May 11th
6:30 PM
Sustainable Living Center, RE Sources for Sustainable Communities
2309 Meridian St, Bellingham (map)

Join RE Sources for Sustainable Communities for a seminar series on energy presented by Sandy Lawrence, which will take place on 10 consecutive Thursdays from March 9th through May 11th. The presentations will cover everything from petroleum and coal, to wind energy, solar, and biofuels, and conclude with a look at re-engineering the grid. You can browse the PDFs of the presentations by clicking "download the PDF" below.
1. Petroleum & Peak Oil
2. Wind Energy
3. Geothermal & Heat Pumps
4. Coal Geology, History & Power
5. Photovoltaic & other Solar
6. Nuclear Power & Weapons
7. Biofuels & Biomass

Download the PDF
8. Hydropower & Agriculture

Download the PDF
9. Climate Change & Mitigation & Adaptation

Download the PDF
10. Re-Engineering the Grid