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Energy Conservation

Bellingham Energy Prize

Bellingham is competing in a national competition — called the Georgetown University Energy Prize — to reduce our energy use as much as possible by December 2016, for the chance to win $5 million. Bellingham is currently tied for fourth place and we have a great shot at winning the big prize.

The Georgetown University Energy Prize is a competition designed to spur energy conservation innovation across the country. By incentivizing communities to compete against each other to save the most, the idea is that we're creating model cities for energy efficiency and conservation that other communities can look toward for inspiration of what worked well in other places. Learn more.

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Renewable Energy

Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Program purchases renewable energy generated by wind, landfill gas and agricultural waste. When you make your monthly contribution of $4-$12, PSE buys clean energy on your behalf from independent producers in our region. This commitment makes it possible for these energy innovators to secure funding, sustain their businesses and create jobs — making a brighter, cleaner future for everyone.

Solar Industry

Whatcom County is home to several industry-leading solar panel manufacturers and installers, which means that when you decide to go solar, you are not just supporting the environment, you're supporting local business, too.

Ecotech Solar is Whatcom County’s only locally-owned and operated solar contractor. Drawing on projects and experience from 11 countries on 5 continents, Ecotech Solar designs and installs premium solar electric systems using locally-made equipment and provides valuable consulting services. Ecotech Solar works closely with customers to develop a customized solar energy system suited to individual project requirements and budget. 

Western Solar is a leading provider of renewable energy systems in the Northwest, including solar electric systems and electric vehicle charging stations. Western Solar strives to design and install the most cost-effective energy-saving solutions for their clients. Their team leads have over 12 years of experience installing several megawatts of solar electric systems throughout the United States. Western Solar provides one of the longest workmanship warranties in the industry: 10 years.

Itek Energy's continued development of cutting edge technology has brought to market competitively powerful, high quality and efficient solar modules. Itek Energy's experienced engineers, operations, and management team are Washington locals who are proud to build solar panels that are ideal for Washington’s varied climates — from the characteristic diffuse light of the coastal regions and record setting snows of the North Cascades, to the strong and persistent winds of the Inland Empire.