Clean Energy

RE Sources for Sustainable Communities works to protect people and ecosystems by promoting a just transition from dependence on fossil fuels toward clean energy autonomy. As we transition to the new clean energy economy of the near future, phasing out our local demand for dirty energy, we also must protect people and the ecosystems we depend on from the hazards of shipping oil, gas and coal through our communities and the Salish Sea. We advocate for policies to accelerate the energy transition, and engage in project permitting processes to promote protective conditions and standards for development. 

Become a Clean Energy Activist

Our monthly Clean Energy Activist Meetings are a great place for community activists to come together and learn about our recent work fighting coal, crude oil, and fracked gas export projects in our community and the Pacific Northwest, and what you can do to help. 

Get involved by attending one of our monthly Clean Energy activist meetings and signing up for our Clean Energy emails to learn how you can help fight fossil fuel projects in Whatcom and Skagit counties.

Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is a statewide coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses dedicated to reducing global warming pollution, strengthening the economy, and making sure all families have a better future.
 The Alliance is advancing a statewide policy initiative for 2018 to reduce carbon emissions and build a clean energy future. The initiative would invest in clean energy, clean water, and healthy forests, by implementing a performance-based tax on major polluters, while providing investment for disproportionately impacted communities and a just transition for workers. Learn more at

Whatcom County's Energy Future

For the past two years, RE Sources has worked to educate our community about the importance of our Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, which informs regulatory policy, budget decisions, and development standards for local government on a 20-year planning horizon. Our goal was to ensure the updated plan invested in our county's energy security, instead of encouraging a future of unrefined fossil fuel export projects —which leaves our community with all of the risk and none of the reward.

After a length public engagement process, the county council took two key actions: They passed an emergency moratorium on permits for unrefined fossil fuel export projects, and ultimately passed a Comprehensive Plan update that includes a legal study on ways the county can protect the community from fossil fuel export projects. The results of that study are expected in early 2018. 

Washington Goes Solar!
Washington Goes Solar! is a program that helps homeowners and businesses get hassle-free solar. It offers the best value and easiest access to the information you need to make a decision to go solar. The incentives are excellent, the math makes sense, the timing is right. Start saving money, add value to your property, help the environment, and help earn RE Sources a donated array! Read more.

All of our workshops have passed, but we may add more. Sign up and we'll notify you if we add more workshops. For more information, call (360) 733-8307 or email

Power Past Coal
Coal is losing traction as a fossil fuel domestically due to an increased demand for clean energy. Let's further this by opposing the construction of proposed coal terminals. The large impacts from these terminals on our health and the environment extend from cradle to grave. Learn more at the Power Past Coal website or on our Power Past Coal page. 

Stand Up To Oil
Oil-by-rail shipments present a number of potential environmental and safety impacts to our communities. These proposals increase the risk of oil spills and derailments, which can lead to harmful explosions, fires, polluting waterways, and air pollution. Learn more at the Stand Up To Oil website or our Stand Up To Oil page. 

Energy Education
Interested in learning about more about energy? Explore our informative presentations on our Community Talks on Energy page. They cover everything from petroleum and coal to wind energy, solar, and biofuels. 

Contact us at if you're interested in having this series presented to your business or community group and we'll connect you with the creator, Sandy Lawrence.