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HB 1611: Tell your legislators you care about protecting communities from crude oil

posted Mar 2, 2017, 10:37 AM by RE Sources for Sustainable Communities   [ updated Mar 3, 2017, 2:52 PM by Unknown user ]
We are in the thick of the legislative session, and your legislators need to hear that you care about protecting your community from crude oil. 

Representative Jessyn Farrell (46th District) and Senator Reuven Carlyle (36th District) are the sponsors for House Bill 1611, the Oil Transportation Safety Act. Given the Trump Administration’s close ties with the oil industry, the Puget Sound will continue to be a target for more oil that puts our communities and waterways at risk. Washington can and should stand up to the oil industry and ensure that all available protections are in place. Please email your legislators today.

The Oil Transportation Safety Act needs additional support to move from committee and make its way to a full floor vote in the House. This is a commonsense bill that holds the oil industry accountable for the risks they pose to our communities and waterways. The bill has four key points:
  • Establishing a stable and reliable funding source to ensure that the state has the resources to do top-notch prevention, response and preparedness work.

  • Protecting the Puget Sound from underregulated barges and new types of oil.

  • Requiring refineries to update protections and notify the public about plans to become oil terminals.

  • Strengthening oversight and community engagement on pipelines. 

Despite these basic protections, the oil industry is fighting this tooth and nail. Tell your legislators that this is an issue you care about and want passed. 

How you can help

Contacting your legislators by phone is by far the most productive and impactful form of communication. Read more in the New York Times article "Here's why you should call, not email, your legislators." 
  1. Call your legislators. Let your state representatives know you support this bill and that it deserves a full vote on the House floor. Find your legislators through the Washington State Legislature's District Finder and view the talking points below.

  2. Email your legislators. Find your legislators through the Washington State Legislature's District Finder and view the talking points below.

  3. Contact your legislators through this quick and easy form. Visit the Stand Up to Oil website and enter your zip code to make sure your email goes to the right place.

Email to legislators

RE: Oil Transportation Safety Act (HB 1611)

Dear [insert name],

I am concerned about the ongoing threat that oil trains, pipelines, and tankers pose to my community and our waterways. 

The Oil Transportation Safety Act (HB 1611) is a commonsense approach to strengthening our prevention, response and preparedness program. Let’s not wait for a spill or other disaster to happen to take action. 

I urge you to vote YES on HB 1611 and protect all of Washington from crude oil transport. Thank you for considering my comments, and I look forward to your response.