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Gift Membership

Just in Time for the Holidays, RE Sources Introduces Gift Memberships

What sort of gift…

…doesn’t require plastic packaging and handling fees? 
…can’t be thrown away or lost?
…is never the wrong size or color?
…gives satisfaction to giver and recipient year round?
…has the greatest value of all?

Give a RE Sources gift membership to your loved ones.

Be a sustainable giver this holiday season by giving your friends and family a gift membership to RE Sources and The RE Store. With a tax-deductible gift of $35 or more, your gift offers the continued satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting the greatest cause of all: our future.

       Why not give the gift of…
                • clean beaches
                • restored ecosystems
                • healthy and safe neighborhoods
                • re-used and recycled waste
                • energy savings for our schools and homes
                • close-knit communities

Click here to purchase your Gift Membership today*

Your gift membership supports a venerable and local non-profit organization doing our best for salmon, waste reduction, water cleanliness, and environmental education. 

Thank you for your support. Together we can build healthy, prosperous communities, living in balance with the natural world.

*Please be sure to fill out the gift recipient's contact information as you complete the online donation form. Thank you