Urge your legislators to support The Orca Emergency Response Priority

Urge your legislators to support The Orca Emergency Response Priority, reflecting several crucial Orca Task Force recommendations, advocating for habitat protections for salmon and forage fish (HB 1579 | SB 5580); decrease in vessel noise and disturbance (HB 1580 | SB 5577); reduction of toxic pollution impacting orca families (HB 1194 | SB 5135).

Read more about the Orca Emergency Response here.

Please send the below email, or a similar one, to all three of your state elected officials (Senator and both representatives). Find your elected officials' contact information here.

Dear Legislator,

With the 2019 legislative session in full swing, there’s a new baby orca swimming with the Southern Resident orca population! There is hope for this highly endangered iconic species, but the state legislature needs to take immediate action to keep our Southern Resident orcas from slipping into extinction.

I sincerely believe that you, like me, cannot imagine a future without the Southern Resident orca population swimming, playing, foraging, frolicking, and just being in the Salish Sea.

Right now may be our last chance to reverse the declining trend of this population. The orcas need our help.

I urge you to support and ensure that the following bills become law this legislative session:

HB 1579 and SB 5580* sponsored by Rep. Fitzgibbon and Senator Rolfes. A bill to protect habitat for salmon and forage fish.
HB 1580 and SB 5577 sponsored by Rep. Blake and Senator Rolfes. A Bill to decrease vessel noise and disturbance:
HB 1194 and SB 5135, sponsored by Rep. Doglio and Senator Rolfes. A bill to reduce toxic pollution affecting orca families and our families.
HB 1578 and SB 5578 sponsored by Rep. Lekanoff and Senator Van de Wege. A bill to reduce threats to Southern resident orcas by improving the safety of oil transportation.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.